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Bookstream is a data interrogation and business intelligence product enabling real time data to be displayed via a web browser. Sophisticated enquiry or report information may be viewed via the Internet.


With Bookstream, you can:

  • Monitor sales by individual ISBN, by imprint, by geographic region, and in other cases, by customer.
  • Publishers also have the opportunity to monitor bookseller and territory sales, to some extent, for sales commissions if they wish to.
  • Check Gill stock holding and availability.

The facilities we provide through Bookstream, enable publishers to improve the sales of their titles through Gill Distribution, and manage their stock in the most effective way possible.


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EDI is the structured transmission of data between organisations by electronic means. It is considered to be a technical representation of a business conversation between two entities, either internal or external.


If you wish to send us orders via this method, we would be grateful to accept your EDI.


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